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i feel like i want to cry

earlier this week my sister went back to college without saying goodbye to me. we spent the entire summer together and i feel like shes the only person who really understands me because she knows how mean my mom can be. but she’s gone now and im home alone with my parents. 

today was the last day of my SAT program and i never thought id say this but im incredibly upset that its over. i wasted the first week being a loner and the second being a coward. unrequited love is a bitch. the only guy i’ve really liked in a long time is going back to london tomorrow and i will probably never see him again. 

the truth of the matter is im alone.

on the upside, i got a cute guys number but im really awkward and i dont know when to text him. 

i just need my friends to come back home because if i spend another second with my parents or by myself, i might get lost in my memories and keep thinking about how i wasted yet another time period of my life. 


7 hours ago #cry #dear diary #lonliness #alone #i miss you #wasting time #wasting my life #depression
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